Which Person Has a Fake Smile? Your Choice Can Reveal an Important Trait About You

There are 19 types of smiles which fall into 2 categories: polite smiles for society which require fewer facial muscles and genuine smiles which engage more muscles in the whole face, according to San Francisco State University researchers. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to tell which smile is fake and which one is genuine. In this test, we offer you the chance to spot a fake smile. Your choice will tell you something important about yourself.

Today Bright Side offers you the chance to see how good you are at analyzing the emotions of other people. This simple test will be both useful and fun!

Choose the person you think has a fake smile, at first glance

Scroll down and click on the picture to see what the test says about your personality!







Which photo did you choose? Was the result right about you? Share with us in the comments!

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