What you need to know about an electric shoe polisher

According to some people, there is no point in wearing beautiful clothes and dirty shoes. But everyone knows that it is not easy to maintain shoes because this task requires a lot of energy and time. There are 3 solutions at this level:

  • bring a box of polish, tea towels and brushes, and do it yourself;
  • offer the services of a professional in the field;
  • invest in the purchase of an electric shoe polisher.


The 3rd solution is by far the best (it is notably more economical and faster than the others, and you will avoid the displacements). As the name suggests, this device is ideal for gently cleaning and waxing leather shoes, without the slightest effort. It is equipped with a detector (with or without timer) and works autonomously (you just have to press the start button). In addition, its energy consumption is low.


How to choose the electric shoe polisher adapted to your needs?

Rotary speed and engine power

Rotating speed is one of the most important criteria of the electric shoe polisher. The higher it is, the better the efficiency of the brushes (provided that the brushes have been designed in a good quality material). For a clean and precise result, it is advisable to find a good compromise between the speeds of brushes to be polished and hard bristles.

For its part, the power has an influence on the speed of rotation and the movements of the brushes. It is obviously not necessary to buy a very powerful polisher. In general, electric shoe polisher have a power of between 50 and 150 Watts.

The weight

The models marketed on the market are generally light and equipped with feet (they weigh between 8 and 10 kg). However, there are also relatively heavy waxes. It all depends on the use you want to make of your device. But keep in mind that heavy waxes are not necessarily the best performers. Ideally, it's best to choose a light, easy-to-handle and tidy device.


Favour models equipped with strong and sturdy bristle brushes. In this way, they will be able to clean and polish your pairs of shoes quickly and efficiently. The length and width of the brushes are closely related to the duration of cleaning.

Make sure the unit comes with 2 brushes: one for black leather and the other for brown leather.


Sound level and comfort of use

The sound level and comfort of use are of great importance. Nobody would like to use a noisy device that could disturb all other occupants of the house. If you find yourself in such a situation, cleaning the shoes will seem like a chore and you will not enjoy it.


Additional features and accessories

The brands are always ingenious to market models offering several additional features and accessories. You will find devices that can both wipe off dust and polish shoes. Others help to clean the mud and polish the boots. As far as accessories are concerned, the polishers are most often supplied with a wax dispenser, felts, brushes (for stripping, polishing, polishing and cleaning), an electric cable, etc.


Pitfalls to avoid when buying an electric shoe polisher

The purchase of an electric shoe polisher should not be done at random, otherwise, you will acquire an inefficient model. So choose a device according to the texture of your shoes (it is for example not recommended to clean suede or canvas shoes with the help of the polisher). Remember to check the quality of its materials.


Why buy an electric shoe polisher?

The main advantage of the electric shoe polisher is its convenience. Indeed, all you have to do is put the brushes on top of the shoes and start the appliance. In a few seconds, your shoes will regain all their brilliance and will be like new. This will save you a lot of time and will not need to get dirty with shoe polish.


The electric shoe polisher is also reliable, practical, powerful, powerful, and robust and has a long life. It is usually made of stainless steel, a material known for its strength and elegance. It comes with a cream dispenser and several rotating brushes (each obviously has a specific function). With this device, it is no longer necessary to clutter with tea towels, polish boxes, brushes, you will enjoy cleaning your shoes.


The electric shoe polisher has a low noise level and fits all the decorations of the house (so you can install it anywhere). It is also light, stable, compact, easy to store and transport. Its removable rubber surface is non-slip and limits vibration.


It should be noted that this device makes life easier for users and offers an optimal result (the shoes find their shine of yesteryear). Whether you are an individual or a professional in the field, he will seduce you.


In addition, a few simple actions make it possible to take care of the shoes. For example, if you have to go out when it rains, cover them with leather conditioner or mink oil.


How much does an electric shoe polisher cost?

The prices of electric shoe polishers vary depending on the performance of the device and the functions available.


  • Low-end models (between 50 and 100 Dollar): they are equipped with polishing heads, a cleaning brush and a product dispenser;
  • The mid-range devices (between 150 and 350 Dollar): they are equipped with brushing brushes, polishing and waxing, and a cream dispenser;
  • Sophisticated waxes (more than 600 Dollar): they are equipped with brushes of different sizes and a detector. They are marketed in several formats.


Our opinion

Polisher, polisher, polisher, There are not words that fail to describe the features of this revolutionary accessory. Although it is used occasionally, it is still an essential device to take care of shoes. It brings them the necessary clarity and brilliance, so you can walk around without fearing the looks of others. In addition, you will not have to worry about problems with traces of polish on your hands or clothes. Do not waste time and buy your electric shoe polisher today.


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