What Modern Actors and 20th Century Celebs Looked Like at the Same Age



(****)Sometimes we write articles where we compare celebs who are the same age. So, we thought it would be interesting to compare celebs from 2 different centuries. For example, Ryan Gosling is (*************************) now, Clark Gable was the same age when he played Rhett Butler, one of his best roles. Amanda Seyfried has recently turned (***************************), and Marilyn Monroe played in (*****)Some Like It Hot(******) at this age.(*******)(****)(********)Bright Side(*********) wants to remember how the greatest actors of the (**********************************)th century looked at the same age of modern celebs.(*******)(****)
(**********)Elizabeth Taylor and Maisie Williams, age (*********************************)(***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Audrey Hepburn and Eva Green, age (*************************) (***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Clark Gable and Ryan Gosling, age (*************************)(***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Grace Kelly and Dakota Fanning, age (********************************)(***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Ingrid Bergman and Emma Roberts, age (*******************************)(***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Sophia Loren and Eva Mendes, age (************************) (***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)James Dean and Ansel Elgort, age (********************************)(***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Vivien Leigh and Catherine Zeta-Jones, age (***********************) (***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Lauren Bacall and Monica Bellucci, age (**********************)(***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Brigitte Bardot and Lily Collins, age (******************************)(***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Alain Delon and Richard Madden, age (****************************)(***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Marilyn Monroe and Amanda Seyfried, age (***************************) (***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Liza Minnelli and Emma Stone, age (*****************************)(***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Barbra Streisand and Kaya Scodelario, age (*******************************) (***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Marlene Dietrich and Jessica Biel, age (**************************)(***********)(*******)(****)
(**********)Adriano Celentano and Nicholas Hoult, age (******************************) (***********)(*******)(****)Would you like to compare any other actors? (*******)(****)
Preview photo credit Screen Prod / Photononstop / East News, maisie_williams / Instagram (************)(*************)
(*******) (**************)

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