What Lovers Call Each Other in Different Countries

They say that love has no language, but the quirky ways in which love can be expressed in different languages can sometimes add a little zing to the relationship. From calling your beautiful soulmate “the ugly one” to saying her mesmerizing eyes resemble that of a fish, the words of love can only be understood by the love-smitten.

Bright Side loves spreading love, so we compiled for you a list of funny terms of endearment that are used in different countries. You may have fun addressing your beloved with one of these quirky nicknames.

China: Dumb egg (Ben dan)

France: My cabbage (Mon chou)

Sweden: Sweet nose (sötnos)

Iran: May a mouse eat you (Moosh bokhoradet)

Greece: My little eyes (Matakia mou)

Poland: Ugly one (Brzydalu)

Netherlands: My little poop (Mijn poepie)

Taiwan: Little honey (Xiǎo mì tang)

Portugal: Pumpkin (Chuchuzinho)

Bangladesh: My gold (Amar shona)

Indonesia: Fruit of my heart (Buah hatiku)

Ireland: My pulse (Mo chuisle)

Russia: My bear (Moi medvezhonok)

Spain: My heaven (Mi cielo)

India: Eyes like a fish (Mrignayani)

Which style of expressing love did you find the funniest? How do you express love in your country? Let us know if there are any other terms of endearment in your language! We’ll be happy to broaden our list!

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