Top Apps to help with Daily Tasks


In this article, we present the best apps that experts recommend to stay connected all day. Activate yourself from the morning and close your day without any problem.

An endless search...

Probably this phrase describes your experience when you explore all the app options that you can download. From tracking tools to pending lists, there are a lot of resources that the worshipers (or aspirants) of productivity can try. It is not difficult for anyone to feel overwhelmed, especially someone who is a beginner in this area.

Apps for the morning

Trello and Todoist have trusted applications for administration tasks and projects. A glance of between 5 and 10 minutes, at the beginning of the day, allows organizing the most critical slopes of the day. The features of Todoist and Trello that I like the most are its offline functionality, which allows working at any time, without having to be connected - something that can save your life, if you travel through areas where mobile networks are not available.

Apps to energize all day

To keep work on track, use an application called Collaborating with teams in India, the United States and Germany obliges you to be aware of the working day around the world.  The other mind app is also a great one to keep you on track and automated daily tasks.

There are a multitude of resources that you use throughout the day, for different situations.



Despite being a frequent user of the Google Calendar, you also use another Slack bot that helps you keep an eye on your daily meetings. Slack's Cisco Spark Meeting Notes plugin allows you to get a direct message every morning with an outline of your meetings that day, extracting data from your calendar. It is effortless to configure, and it works excellent to prepare the day and organize the matters to be dealt with so that your meetings are productive.

Stay focused

When things get very busy, you may have the feeling that every day of the week is the same and it is not possible to obtain any specific achievement. Some old methods, such as the Pomodoro Technique, in which you set a timer for a 25-minute intensive work session with a 5-minute break, have proven their effectiveness in maintaining concentration. However, why not try to improve the practice? Tools like FocusList allow you to adjust the timers along with the tasks that must be completed.

Mapping habits

An important characteristic is the ability to control all the practices of your routine. Whether you have just started running or you have just stopped smoking, being aware of all these points of contact will help you be consistent and visualize the areas you need to reinforce. Strides is an application that you find very useful to be aware of all the habits or goals that you need to achieve. New apps with AI and Artificial Intelligence  help map habits and make our experiences better.

Record of hours

Controlling the hours of the day, especially when it comes to working for a client, is something you have done for about 12 months, quite successfully. Having a perspective of what you have worked for, as well as for whom, is useful to determine the value of your time. Hours is an excellent time recording tool (for web and iOS applications) to quickly capture the hours you dedicate to each project.

Organization of documents

Scanning documents can be tedious and translate into a lot of paper documents that occupy space in your office or workplace. Scanbot is very useful to scan. All it takes is a simple scan to capture the document and prepare it to convert it into PDF or pass it to an Evernote notebook.


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