The Only Five Clothes Hangers You Need In Your Life

Graphic: Shep McAllister
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Mayhap you’re undertaking a closet clean out or reorganization this month! January is the time when we tend to get gung-ho about such endeavors, and after we’ve purged and assessed our remaining wardrobe, it’s a smart thing to also consider if you’re storing your garments in the way that best suits them. So today, a hanger round-up! Because wow I bet a lot of you are using the wrong hangers and you don’t even know it.

Extra Durable Hangers

Graphic: Shep McAllister

Regular old plastic hangers are fine and good (I use them for the majority of my hanging wardrobe) but there are times when you need something sturdier. I, for example, have snapped dozens of standard-issue plastic hangers while yanking a hoodie out of my closet. SO! I keep a small collection of more durable plastic hangers around and I think you should too! This set of 24 extra durable hangers come fitted with a hook for hanging belts and suchlike. Also I will completely level and tell you guys that I picked this brand to suggest for you over the similarly highly-rated Neaties brand because the name Neaties makes me want to die, whereas Hangorize is perfect and hilarious.

Slim Hangers

Graphic: Shep McAllister

If closet space is at a premium — and honestly for whomst is it not??? — slim hangers are a great choice. They’re designed so that both the hook and the, um, hanger part? Is there a word for that? There has to be …

… there is! It’s called the shoulder.

Where was I? Oh right, the hook and the shoulders on slim hangers are designed to be, well, slimmer than standard hangers, which will maximize space in your closet. Also, most slim hangers are velvet-covered, which gives them a non-slip quality that their plastic counterparts don’t provide.

Wooden Hangers

Graphic: Shep McAllister

These bad boys are what you want for your heavy winter coats, for your heavy suits, for your heavy beaded ball gowns … wait, what? You don’t have a collection of heavy beaded ball gowns?!? It’s like I don’t even know you.

Wooden hangers are a good investment to make when you start investing in spendier (and heavier, yeah) garments that you want to last for a good long time, like wool overcoats. Some wooden hangers can get crazy expensive, which is why I like this set of 30 basic wooden hangers from Amazon’s house brand, which will more than do the job while still leaving money in your pocket so you can get to work on building your heavy beaded ball gown collection.

Padded Satin Hangers

Graphic: Shep McAllister

Padded hangers are what you want to use to hang fine fabrics, like delicate cashmere or cotton, so that they don’t become damaged while in storage. They’re also, sort of counterintuitively, less slippery than other hangers, so they’re perfect for hanging slippery fabrics like silk and satin. This set of 12 white padded satin hangers is a good buy at about fifteen bucks. Plus they’re “adorned with a stunning bow accent for a touch of elegance” and who can argue with stunning bows and touches of elegance?

DampRid Hanger

Graphic: Shep McAllister

I bet you didn’t see this one coming! I threw in a ringer because I’m going to do a follow-up post to round up specialty hangers that no one really needs but that are super fun (bikini hangers, you guys. Prepare thyselves for the bikini hangers.) but I needed a fifth item for this post. Also because DampRid hangers are LEGIT and I want to make sure you know about them, for the health of your closets and for the wardrobes hanging within.

So here’s the jam with DampRid: It’s a desiccant, which ~humblebrag~ I spelled right on the first go, which means it will absorb airborne moisture. And in a closet, this can be a very good thing! Hashtag not all closets buuuut … it’s not uncommon for closets to take on a musty odor, or worse, retain so much moisture that your clothes and shoes — the shoes! The precious shoes! — can develop mold. DampRid comes in different formats for different uses but the hanger is the one you want for closets, should you find yourself needing to dry one out.

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