Here's the Best Coffee For Cold Brew, According to You

We asked for your humble, highly caffeinated opinions on which coffee makes the best cold brew. Now you’ve bean there, done that. Compelling Coffee Roasters Copperhead Blend had the most nominations in this cold brew competition. But there are still several other cool nominees in the running, too. So scroll down to see our readers’ spilt tea coffee on all the best beans, then tell us which cold brew you believe to be better than the rest in the poll.

Compelling Coffee Roasters Copperhead Seasonal Blend

I like a lighter, more-complex cold brew with notes of fruit and brown sugar - Compelling’s Copperhead blend fits the bill. -Kian

Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Breakfast Blend

Trader Joe’s Trader Joes Organic Fair Trade Breakfast Blend has served me well. -Sean McGeezer

Folgers Dark Roast Coffee

Folgers. Its good. Its cheap, and we’re talking about cold brew. You literally can’t mess it up. -Indiana Jones, PhD

Folgers dark roast, goes on sale all the time. My girlfriend and I make our own sweetener (sugar water sometimes flavor) to mix in. Great for summer! -polobunny

Starbucks Timor Mount Ramelau Ground Coffee

As a coffee coffee addict I LOVE this particular coffee for cold brew. It’s well balanced and Smooth! Easier to drink than Starbucks own cold brew concoction -Covfefe

Stone Street Dark Roast Cold Brew Reserve 

I agree with reader Iconoclysm that Stone Street’s beans are best for the brew; it tastes damn good, and comes already ground. But I’ll let them explain:

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve. This stuff never tastes bitter but has a serious punch and plenty of flavor. Also comes pre-ground specifically for cold brewing. -Iconoclysm

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