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Hi everyone! 🙂

TheSoul Publishing is growing very quickly — we publish content in 10 languages and have millions of followers!

We are now looking for a community manager for Bright Side YouTube. This should be a person who can communicate with our followers with the goals of expanding our audience and increasing the number of subscribers. You’ll also be able to write cool and intriguing questions for the channel under the videos.

You’re the right person for the role if you can’t imagine losing your temper, can neutralize any conflicting situations very quickly, and understand how important it is for the company to keep up the image and stick to the brand (skills and knowledge in PR).

What we offer:

  • Large-scale and interesting tasks in different communities.
  • Working with a team of professionals in an exciting creative atmosphere.
  • Working from home, which should be regarded as a permanent position with a worthy reward.

Send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] with “Community Manager for Bright Side YouTube” in the subject line and we will send you a test assignment.

Get to know how Bright Side is created! 🙂

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