A Study Says That People Who Suffer From Acne Age Slower

There are lots of things that can spoil our mood in the morning, and discovering several new zits on your nose is one of the worst surprises ever. Especially when you’re going for a walk with a person you like or are having an important business meeting at work. But it turns out that there’s at least one benefit to having pimples, and it can make you a bit happier when you see them pop up again.

Some of us here at Bright Side know how it feels too. That’s why we want to share some good news to help you feel a little better about pimple problems.

While you may be driven crazy by pimples on your face, the trade-off may lie in looking younger for a longer time than your friends. We believe that some of you have probably heard that acne can protect our skin from aging, but it was a pretty unclear process. Thanks to scientists, we now have something more specific to discuss. It seems that it all has to do with telomeres.

You can think of telomeres as those plastic caps that you find on the ends of shoelaces. Plastic caps protect the shoelaces from tearing down, and telomeres do the same thing: they protect chromosomes from breaking down. Each time a cell divides, its telomeres get shorter. And this process has been linked to aging and a higher risk of death.

It appears that people who are prone to acne attacks seem to have longer telomeres in comparison to “lucky ones” with clear skin. And that’s why their cells may be better protected from signs of aging such as wrinkles or thinning skin.

The study focused on 1,205 female twins. The participants reported if they had ever suffered from acne and how they managed to deal with this problem. Then the researchers measured the length of their telomeres.

According to survey results, about a quarter of twins used to have acne problems. And they also had significantly longer telomeres than other women.

The researchers warn that more studies are needed in this field since as of now, we know that there is only a link between women with acne, longer telomeres, and slower aging. But this gives us a whole new reason not to be afraid to post a selfie with zits. It can only prove that you will look younger than your peers!

Have you ever suffered from pimples? Do you find yourself looking younger than other people your age?

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