A Girl Shares Her Weight Loss Story That Proves Everyone Can Have a Thin Waist Even Being Big-Boned



(****)There are many cheerful stories about weight loss. The characters of these stories encourage others with their will power. A young girl with the nickname @Kiwi also decided to share her experience, which helped her prove that losing weight is not a feat and that the tendency to be fat doesn’t justify being overweight.(*****)(****)We at (******)Bright Side(*******) got encouraged by this girl and would like to tell you the real story about how she turned her (****************************) lbs into (*****************************) lbs. Also, she’s managed to sustain this result for years.(*****)(****)I have never been a shapeless jellyfish, even though my height is only 5’1″. But I always thought that there was nothing scary about having extra weight, because it’s actually what’s inside that matters the most. Anyway, my brother started to tell me that it’s high time to start losing weight, ever since I turned (*********************************). He kept saying that no boy will ever want to have a long relationship with me and that they would keep dumping me and leaving me crying over another broken relationship. (******)Since I was a silly, stubborn, and lazy girl, he never managed to persuade me to do it. The only thing he managed to do is to plant in my mind the idea of being ugly. (*******)After all, why have a fit body when your face looks repulsive?(*****)(****)When I was (********************************) years old, I met my first boyfriend. At that time my brother had moved to the capital of our motherland. Nobody criticized me when I would eat a whole pizza and I wasn’t lacking in attention from my boyfriend either. So I decided that there were no issues with my extra weight — (******)I simply had a certain body type. (*******)(*****)(********)

(****)At some point in time, I looked at myself from the side and my eyes opened. It was obvious that I was always sucking my stomach in and that the clothes I chose were meant to hide my big arms and side rolls. Also, the thought of my fiancé holding me in his arms on our wedding day made me feel scared.(*****)
(****)(******)So after another round of shopping, where I didn’t find any suitable clothes for myself, I made a decision to lose weight. (*******)Since I had no idea about proper nutrition at all, I turned to a nutritionist who developed a personal menu for me. In the beginning, I only ate the products that were there in my regimen and then I started adding my own choices with the permission of the nutritionist.(*****)
(*********)(****)I was also working as a waitress, which means I was always surrounded by delicious food and alcohol and it just added to my many doubts about being able to achieve my goal. My colleagues saw me bringing lunch boxes from home and would always play tricks on me, adding more doubt to me reaching my goal. However, after about 2 weeks I saw my first results, which motivated me to not stop despite the upcoming New Year holiday. (******)After 3 weeks, my colleagues stopped playing jokes on me, and instead, they started to support me and were curious about how I managed to always keep eating and losing weight at the same time. (*******)(*****)(****)After 3 months I reached the goal I had aimed for. My cellulite disappeared, I stopped snoring, and my overall well-being improved. My self-esteem grew stronger as well. I started to buy clothes that suited my body and fit me well. My current size is always in stock. I became happier, more easy-going, and I never overeat. The best thing is that (******)my extra weight didn’t return, even after 2 years. All because I understand the main principles of healthy and balanced eating and I never break them.(*******) Here are some of them: (*****)(**********)
(************)I used to think that healthy eating was all about eating chicken breasts, buckwheat, and fat-free milk. In fact, it’s possible to eat whatever you like (chocolate, cookies, ice cream, bread, etc.) — (******)the main thing to remember is to control the time and the amount of what you eat(*******). That’s why I wrote everything down in my food diary in the beginning.(*************) (************)Having snacks is also considered a meal and it’s better to not skip it, otherwise the timing of your main meals will get shifted.(*************) (************)I always carry snacks with me. If I suddenly get extremely hungry, I don’t rush to a cafe or to a hot-dog kiosk. Instead, I take out a pile of nuts or some fruit from my bag.(*************) (************)I don’t fry food in vegetable oil and I don’t add it while cooking. I totally relied on my nutritionist in this area. I add unrefined oil to ready-made food, like for example, salads. I also take a tablespoon of linseed oil every morning.(*************) (************)
(******)I have a list of stop products that includes(*******): juices, soda, alcohol (except dry white wine), yogurts in various flavors, and processed or smoked meats and cheeses. I replaced sausages with baked ham. I don’t buy ready-made or frozen food (anything that is usually bought for making and eating quickly).(*************) (************)
(******)I don’t break my diet. (*******)I keep an interval of no less than 2 and no more than 4 hours between my meals. If it happens that I am not hungry by this time, I eat a mini portion of something light or drink a cup of coffee or tea anyway.(*************) (************)
(******)Under no circumstances do I eat more than (************************) g of food in one sitting (including drinks)(*******). Anything that is not water is food, says my nutritionist. That’s the reason why I never have tea with cookies right after a meal.(*************) (************)
(******)I count the norm of CPFC(*******) (C — calories, P — proteins, F — fats, C — carbohydrates). That’s why I always read what is written on labels. This norm is individual for everyone.(*************) (************)I don’t feel shy. I can easily buy (***************************) g of vegetable salad in a shop and not let the staff add more to it when they ask, “Will (**************************) g be OK?” I always ask to weigh my dishes in restaurants or for them to bring me their food nutrition guide. Because it’s my health and my body and there is nothing shameful in doing that.(*************) (**************)(*********)(****)By the way, when I lost weight, I went to visit my brother. I was very worried about whether I was slim enough for him. He looked at me and said, “Good job, sister. I always said you should have lost weight. Now you need to get a nose job and a boob job.” At that moment, I realized that there will always be people who will continue to criticize you. This means that if there’s (******)anything you want to change about your appearance, it should come from you and no one else. (*******)(*****)(****)Now it’s not just my diet anymore, but my lifestyle. You can’t spoil a good body shape if you befriend healthy eating. Do you agree?(*****)(****)Do you know other secrets of losing weight? Tell us your best secrets in the comments!(*****)(****)
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