9 Things That Came to Us Straight From the Future

We bet it was many times that you watched a movie and thought, “I wish we had something like that already.” Well, the thing is, some of this stuff already exists, and after reading this article you will believe that the future is already upon us.

We at Bright Side did a bit of research and found some devices and technologies so amazing that we just had to share them with you.

1. There’s no distortion with this new snorkel mask.

The experts call this device “the greatest innovation in recreational diving in decades.” This mask has a dome shape and allows the wearer to get a full view and see everything around them without any distortion, unlike other masks with flat screens. It designed so that if it leaks, the water doesn’t get into your nose or mouth. It may look very weird, but it’s very effective and comfortable, especially for new users.

2. Facebook followers can help you choose what to wear.

If you shop in C&A Brazil you will come across some clothing hangers that can help you to make up your mind. The clothing hangers are linked to Facebook and every time someone “likes” the piece of clothing on Facebook the number on the counter goes up. So if you can’t decide which dress to buy, just look at the number to see which one has more “likes.” If this is important for you, of course.

3. Feel like Agent 007 with this iPhone camera periscope.

If you want to be a spy, this is a must-have device for you. It basically works like a periscope, meaning you don’t need to point your smartphone directly at the target, this device can take photos at any angle. Just attach it to the camera and nobody will notice that you are taking photos of something that is located beside you or even around the corner. Just keep in mind that stalking people is a highly inappropriate thing to do and actually illegal in many countries.

4. Never lose service again.

This gadget is called goTenna mesh and it allows you to send messages without the internet. It pairs to your smartphone and generates its own signal which is enough for sending texts to other goTenna mesh users and getting their location. This can be especially convenient for travelers who go to places where internet is not an option, for people who live on farms with no cellular network, or for back-packers. Needless to say that it is not only a matter of convenience, but safety as well.

5. Create your look

The ability to change your appearance is an indispensable attribute of many sci-fi movies, but some people these days have already made it a reality. This guy spent thousands of dollars and went through numerous surgeries, including a rib removal, all for one and only reason — to look like a human Ken doll.

6. Your dog can talk to you with this device.

No more unknown “Woof woof,” with this device you will know exactly what your dogs are trying to tell you. Maybe they are hungry or want to go for walk. Or just feel like chatting. The translator analyzes their sounds and recognizes which one of 6 emotions your dog is likely to be feeling at the moment — happy, sad, assertive, frustrated, on guard, or needy. From now on, barking can be translated to human language and you won’t have to wonder any longer.

7. Meat grown in volumetric flasks

It might be hard to believe but a burger created in laboratory is no longer a myth. Scientists found a way to grow beef, pork, poultry, and seafood from a muscle tissue sample in a lab, maintaining all the necessary nutrients. So if you feel strongly against animal cruelty, this could be a work-around for you to be able to include meat in your diet.

8. Genetically modified people

It’s been reported that last month, the world welcomed twins with edited genes. He Jiankui, a scientist from China, has been working on changing DNA in particular ways and creating genes that are resistant to many serious diseases, like HIV. Many experts heavily criticized the ethical side of this research, but the scientist said, “In this case, I feel proud. I feel so proud.” Frankly speaking, we have the first genetically modified babies.

9. Flying or driving, all in one vehicle

Flying cars are probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about what will be available in the future. Well, in this case, you don’t have to wait any longer. The first flying car was released earlier this year, and it takes less than a minute for it to transform from driving mode into flying mode. It doesn’t need a runway and you don’t need to pass a complicated exam to get a pilot license, because it’s controlled by a computer. You just need to set the destination point and it will take you there.

How do you feel about the future being on your doorstep? Tell us about it in the comments. And share this article with your friends and family.

Preview photo credit https://www.h2oninjamask.com/

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