8 Strange Human Disappearances That Puzzled Even Experienced Detectives



(****)In novels, detectives easily solve mysterious cases, but it’s not that simple in real life. Modern technologies provide police with excellent support but some mysteries still remain unsolved.(*****)(****)At (******)Bright Side(*******), we were deeply affected by these real and unquestionably creepy stories. Maybe you’ll have some ideas about what really happened to these missing people.(*****)(****)
(********)Zebb Wayne Quinn’s mysterious disappearance(*********)(*****)(**********)
(****)In the early (***************************************)s, (*****************************************************)-year-old Zebb Wayne Quinn was driving to a shopping mall together with his friend. He received a page, so he drove away to make a call.(*****)
(****)His car was found 2 weeks later and there were different things inside that didn’t belong to Quinn, including a black Labrador mix puppy, that was approximately 3 months old. A pair of lips and 2 exclamation points were drawn in lipstick on the rear window of his car. Quinn was declared dead even though they still haven’t found his body. (*****)
(****)No one has been able to understand how a puppy got into Quinn’s car. By the way, the puppy was alive and was eventually adopted by one of the police officers who investigated Quinn’s case. Quinn’s friend was indicted for his murder in (*********************************), but the victim’s body still has not been found. (*****)
(********)What happened to Brandon Swanson? (*********)(*****)(************)
(****)In (**********************************), (****************************************************)-year-old college student Brandon Swanson crashed his car into a ditch. He called his parents and asked them to pick him up. However, his parents were unable to find him at the place he said he was. They called him back and spoke to him for (***********************************************) minutes trying to figure out his location. During their conversation, Brandon mentioned that he could see city lights and that he would go in that direction. Suddenly, he exclaimed “Oh, shit!” and the call was dropped.(*****)
(****)Since then, no one heard from him again. It was later discovered that his car was (***************************************************) miles further than where he thought he was. His phone was still accepting calls for another 2 days, but no one answered them.(*****)
(********)The mysterious death of Jonathan Luna(*********)(*****)(*************)
(****)Jonathan Luna was a family man, he had a good job, and had never been reckless. But one night he just disappeared. During the case investigation, it was discovered that he had acted really strangely: he had driven away in his car, without wearing his glasses, and had crossed 2 states. His dead body was found the next day.(*****)
(****)The police couldn’t figure out a motive for his actions, they couldn’t find the murderer, and they couldn’t explain how a man with really poor vision had covered almost (********************************************) miles without his glasses on, which he had left in his office.(*****)
(********)What happened to Jimmy Hoffa?(*********)(*****)(**************)
(****)In (*****************************************), Jimmy Hoffa, one of the most influential American labor leaders, disappeared in Detroit, Michigan. Before he went missing, he called his wife and said that he had been tricked. On that day he was supposed to have a meeting with 2 mobsters, but those 2 declared later that they had been in a different city and had never met with Jimmy.(*****)
(****)The police believe that he’s dead but this fact has never been proven. Many theories have tried to explain Jimmy’s disappearance, but none of them have been proven to be correct.(*****)
(********)Where is baby Garnell?(*********)(*****)(***************)
(****)7-year-old Garnell Monroe lived with his aunt Belinda Cash. She led an isolated lifestyle and didn’t see her other relatives very often. They tried to see Garnell a few times, but she always came up with various reasons why they couldn’t meet. The boy was last seen in (**************************************).(*****)
(****)In (************************************), the police got involved in this case. They questioned Belinda and she said that she had abandoned Garnell on the steps of a social services building because she couldn’t take care of him anymore. Social services, however, had no information about the child. The police think that the boy is alive, but they still haven’t figured out his whereabouts.(*****)
(********)Is it possible to disappear leaving no footprints? (*********)(*****)(****************)
(****)In (*************************************), Maura Murray emailed her professors, said there was a death in her family, and that she had to go away for a week. While driving through the countryside, she lost control on a sharp curve, and ran off the road, striking a tree. A bus driver who was passing by in his bus offered to help her, but she refused because she had already called a tow truck. The driver drove away, but still called the police.(*****)
(****)When the police arrived they couldn’t find her, and there were no footprints in the snow either. Later it became clear that she hadn’t called a tow truck and there were no deaths in her family. People who were the last to see her reported that she had been really upset about something. The next day after her disappearance, Maura’s fiancé received a call from her, but he only heard her breathing on the line and no one has heard from Maura ever since.(*****)
(********)Kyle Fleischmann gone missing(*********)(*****)(*****************)
(****)In (***********************************), (**************************************************)-year-old Kyle Fleischmann went to a bar together with his friends. Then the his friends decided to leave, up but Kyle wanted to stay in the bar. He drank a bit more and then left. At around 3 AM he bought 2 slices of pizza, then he tried to call his father and friends but no one picked up the phone. At 4 AM his phone was turned off and that’s when Kyle went missing.(*****)
(****)Hundreds of volunteers and the police have been searching for him, and he was mentioned on the radio and TV, but no one has been able to figure out his whereabouts.(*****)
(********)Little Marjorie’s disappearance(*********)(*****)(******************)
(****)Little Marjorie Christina Luna disappeared in broad daylight in Greenacres City, Florida on May (*************************************************), (****************************************). She went to a grocery store not far from her home to buy some cat food. This store was the last place she has ever been seen.(*****)
(****)The investigation had a few suspects, however, none of them was ever proven to be guilty in Marjorie’s disappearance.(*****)
(****)If Marjorie is still alive she’s (************************************************) years old now. To this day, no one knows what happened to the little girl.(*****)
(***********)(****)Maybe one of you can figure out what happened to these people? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below. (*****)(****)
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