30+ Photos That Prove Alpacas Are the Perfect Cure for a Bad Day

They’re cousins with camels but they’re much smaller, fluffier, and more photogenic than that side of the family. Alpacas, which are native to Peru, were considered Mother Earth’s (Pachamama) gift to the Incas but they’re certainly a gift to all of us. Just take a look at their smiles, big eyes, statement hairstyles, and attitude, you’ll be convinced they can give you the gift of happiness at any given moment.

Here at Bright Side we know that not every day is a good day, so we prepared this compilation of alpacas to help cheer you up with these gifts from Mother Earth.

1. Hey llama, get off my property!

2. Kisses for everyone!

3. Alpaca photobomb level: Amateur

4. Alpaca photobomb level: Master

5. Meet Simona.

6. Spy alpaca can’t get her work done.

7. Like a boss

8. I knew it...

9. “Photoshoot for our last St, Paddy’s Day in London”

10. Proud mamma

11. Take a closer look at this family photo.

12. Soon to be in the spotlight

13. “Alpaca love”

14. Wait for me!

15. You can’t be as cool as this alpaca.

16. Here I come.

17. What are YOU doing?

18. Anybody there? I can’t see a thing...

19. “My mom met an alpaca at the zoo today.”

20. She was very cooperative.

21. When you’re the crazy person at the party:

22. Take my advice, relax.

23. Found my doppelgänger.

24. What did you order?

25. Santa’s helpers: Andean edition

26. — You 2 make a very cute couple, you know?

— We know.

27. “I came here to chew cud, and I’m all out of cud.”

28. One of the cutest baby alpacas in the world

29. Want to take us home?

30. 3 cool alpacas just hanging out.

31. Long live the queen.

What do you like most about alpacas? Share it in the comments below!

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