26 Mind-Boggling Photos That Made Us Look More Than Twice

When your life starts to feel routine and you want to do something to wake it up, you don’t necessarily need to look for some extreme adventure. Just look around for something unusual! Light and shadow can change the way things look, lines on paper can create an optical illusion, and objects around can float in the air. You might want to rub your eyes and look at these photos at least one more time.

Internet users have seen all sorts of things. Bright Side is convinced that you might want to pinch yourself when you see these photos.

1. It’s one picture, with some perfectly placed light and shadow.

2. Same fingers, just with 2 new tattoos

3. “I drew poppy outlines for my class to cut out — they look like they overlap but they don’t.”

4. “I’m not sure which way this guy is facing.”

5. Triple chocolate crepe with strawberries

6. This “leather” jacket my uncle carved out of wood

7. “Someone texted me as I was photographing this clock, giving it a Salvador Dali effect.”

8. “My cat’s balancing act”

9. “A bit of toothpaste that looks like a baby monkey is holding onto my toothbrush”

10. “Infinity table I made”

11. “I didn’t lose an iPad, I lost the bank bag the other day.”

12. This rock looks like it’s wrapped up in chains.

13. Invisible man costume

14. “The concrete wall across the street looks like a body of water”

15. Snake stockings

16. This furniture looks just like Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc.

17. “I snapped this photo of a cardinal jumping and it looks like he’s floating.”

18. This leaf looks like it could have been made from wood.

19. Soap making shadows in the bath

20. The way this fence looks when driving:

21. “Just realized my open bag looks like a happy whale. My life is now complete.”

22. “My coffee cup looks like a stream going through a forest.”

23. “When they ask if there’s much wind where we live...”

24. “My dog looks like she’s a floating head.”

25. This log that looks like an alligator:

26. It’s really hard to tell whose body parts these are.

Which of these optical illusions confused you the most?

Preview photo credit Eric Catalano / facebook

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