24 Satisfying Pictures That Can Encourage You to Have a Big Cleaning Day



(****)We always keep dilly-dallying when it comes to general cleaning. We tend to justify not cleaning by saying we need more energy or time. Sometimes even utilizing a Christmas tree can become an uphill task. If you’re one of those people who associates general cleaning with torture, look at our encouraging compilation and you may change your mind.(*****)(****)At (******)Bright Side, (*******)we’ve already rolled up our sleeves and prepared the cleaning detergents, and we wish you could be as motivated too! Don’t miss our bonus at the end of the article — it will show you that dogs can join your cleaning efforts too.(*****)(****)
(********)“It took all day. Found a bunch of coins for my coin jar.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“Kicked out my hoarder cousin who had been making a mess for years.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)Refinishing a frying pan(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)Pressure washing turned these old stairs into new ones.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“My sister said, ’Pressure washing does nothing.’ I retaliated the only way I knew how.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)The “after” photo would go to the “Cozy Places” category.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“I’ve been doing different work at a customer’s house for years, always suggesting to clean up his front wall. He finally okayed it, and I did it yesterday.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“Visited my parents for Christmas and found these while helping them clean up the basement. $(******************) for a case.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“It’s been standing on a shelf for years and we couldn’t have even imagined how this trophy would look when cleaned up.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)This is how pavement is washed in China: (*********)(*****)(****)
(********)Only after cleaning can you see what this rail should look like.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)Most electric coil stove tops lift up to clean underneath.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)It’s high time to clean the soft furniture.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“Helped my neighbor to clean the facade.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“Having a scraper and a tiny brush for all the hard-to-reach places inspired me to clean the room.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)It had been parked for 2 years.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“I had no idea what color it was going to be.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)The pleasure of cleaning a dirty sink(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)And an oven(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“Cleaned my makeup table!”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“I would absolutely pay more money for a toilet that made this area easier to clean.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“My room looked roughly like this for a few weeks. Finally, I decided to pull myself together.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)When cleaning becomes an art: (*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“Turns out underneath all the dirt the stones were actually different colors.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)Bonus: Your friend is always there to give you a hand.(*********)(*****)(****)Do you want to clean your home right away? What are you going to start with? Please show us your “before” and “after” cleaning photos in the comments!(*****)(****)
Preview photo credit nmbullshark / reddit (**********)(***********)
(*****) (************)

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