24 Desperate Romantics Who Live Among Us



(****)It seems that there’s no place for romantic things in the modern world. Starting a relationship is as easy as ordering a pizza — there are even special apps for it. But because searching for a partner has become very practical, romantic things are very rare nowadays.(*****)(****)But we at (******)Bright Side(*******) have (*****************************************) photos proving that romantic acts still have a chance and we can still see them around us.(*****)(****)
(********)This guy gave his girlfriend his sneakers because her shoes hurt her feet.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“My girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend stole her PS4 so I got her a new one.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“My husband always got colored pencils for his birthday and Christmas growing up and he hates them because he’s colorblind. He’s wanted an iPhone forever so today I bought him one and this is how I wrapped it.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“Check out what my boyfriend made me!”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“My girlfriend showed up to a party for my birthday dressed as me.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)A (************************************)-year-old man making a card for his (***********************************)-year-old wife(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“My boyfriend and I met at the dog park, so it was really their 2 year anniversary last weekend.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“My dad surprised my mom for their (****************************************)th anniversary and had a bench dedicated to her at the park where they always walked together.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“Wife had a bit too much to drink so I made a nice romantic candle setting for her with a pillow and blankets by the ivory throne complete with a hair tie, water, socks, and nose spray. I’m going to sleep, candles are battery operated.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“A guy at the salon is straight up feeding his girl chicken nuggets while she gets her nails done and that’s the kind of love and support I need.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“I didn’t have a pic of my girl to put in my little locket so I just drew her.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“My man got the sound waves of him saying he loves me printed on a canvas.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“For our 1-year anniversary that recently passed, I got my girlfriend one of her favorite pictures of us filled with the all the memories from our first year.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“So my boyfriend always asked me why I did my makeup on the floor...so while I was gone for a week he did this for me. I’m obsessed!”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“I am incredibly lucky!”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“My girlfriend always falls asleep during movies and tonight she tried to trick me. I’m not even mad, I’m in love!”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“Romance still exists. My friend snapped this yesterday in NYC.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“I bought and built my boyfriend a PC today!”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)This is the best way to propose marriage!(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)This is top class!(*********)(*****)(****)


(********)Better than any diamonds(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“Asked my boyfriend his opinion on this shirt and this was his reply...”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)A girl proposing to her boyfriend during “Kiss Cam”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)Oh, how romantic!(*********)(*****)(****)What are the most romantic things you have done for someone or that someone has done for you? Tell us about it!(*****)(****)
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