20 Sweet Photos Proving Kids and Animals Are One Team Forever

Animals and kids can often share a special bond. Puppies like to play hide-and-seek games and get fussy when they get tired, just like little children. Kittens are born with blue eyes that change as they older just like human babies. And when they get older, cats only meow to talk to their human friends.

We at Bright Side love both animals and children, so we’re combining them in a list of pairs who are clearly two of a kind!

1. They’re going to be in this for the long run.

2. Even cats can appreciate a good snow day.

3. When you don’t have Barbie’s pet horse or dream sports car on hand, you improvise.

4. “I didn’t do it. It was the dog.”

5. “My daughter was pretty excited to make the cat a princess.”

6. If you ever doubted that “love at first sight” could be real...

7. “My baby...not yours...”

8. Looks like he’s got a new teddy bear!

9. Bath time can be an ordeal...but they’ll get through it together!

10. This dog is helping her prepare for a future career.

11. These 2 are clearly a good influence on each other.

12. These 2 might be in cahoots.

13. Being best buddies means sharing everything...including the cone of shame.

14. With a buddy like this, every night is a slumber party!

15. “We were concerned that our giant cat wouldn’t get along with our new baby...”

16. Only a furry friend can make you smile like this...

17. This is true friendship goals.

18. Before they met, she probably used to be an indoor cat...

19. It’s snuggle time!

20. “Cute wrapped in cute”

Do you have any pictures of children and pets who are clearly partners-in-crime? Share them with us in the comments!

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