20 Geological Wonders on Earth That Prove Mother Nature Is the Best Artist



(****)The Earth is a planet in constant change and yet surprisingly, some parts of it have remained the same for billions of years. Each discovery can be confusing, surprising, or challenging to ordinary people — even experts. But one thing is for certain: they’re incredible. Not only do these findings provoke more questions, but we also wonder if they’ll stay this way forever.(*****)(****)(******)Bright Side(*******) is about to reveal some of the finest works of nature that could end up being your next travel destination.(*****)(****)
(********)1. Millions of years in 1 picture(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)2. A rock cut with a “laser”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)3. Rainbow mountains(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)4. A sunset on Tegal Wangi Beach(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)5. (********************) miles of sandstone on Cedar Mesa(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)6. Majlis al Jinn(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)7. A valley in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)8. A giant cinder cone isolated in the Salar De Arizaro(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)9. Mountains love colors too!(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(*******************************). Pink on Wednesdays and every other day of the week(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(******************************). Where color comes to rest(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(*****************************). The lonely stone(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(****************************). Mountains in China are majestic.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(***************************). Natural water baths(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(**************************). An oasis in the midst of a desert(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(*************************). Fully green hills(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(************************). Aurora Borealis ice skating, anyone?(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(***********************). Just a few hours from the North Korean border(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(**********************). Autumn colors fit China beautifully.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(*********************). A heart-shaped island in Croatia(*********)(*****)(****)Which of the entries on this list mesmerized you the most? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!(*****)(****)
Preview photo credit MrVincher / pikabu (**********)(***********)
(*****) (************)

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