20 Fatal Haircuts That Prove a Bald Head Is Sometimes Not That Bad



(****)When it comes to a haircut, everything matters: hair type, personal preference, tons of pictures as examples, and a good hairdresser. But sometimes we fail to find a professional and find this out only when everything’s already done.(*****)(****)(******)Bright Side(*******) feels sorry for anyone who’s come face-to-face with the real “Edward Scissorhands.” Fortunately, some of them were able to make their unusual haircut a part of their style.(*****)(****)
(********)“What my hair looked like, what I asked for, and how it turned out.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)A great nest for a chicken(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)If you thought the last Boy Scout was a bald Bruce Willis, you were mistaken. Here he is.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“This kid from my textbook...”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)When expectations don’t meet reality: (*********)(*****)(****)
(********)It’s hard to believe he really wanted this haircut. (*********)(*****)(****)
(********)In case you want to use your hair instead of a... scarf?(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)When you’re inspired by hay: (*********)(*****)(****)
(********)When you tell your hairdresser you want something special: (*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“Cut a little bit more please.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)Wanted a broken heart, got a German pretzel instead.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)This guy doesn’t have any problems with his hair. He’s perfect: just look at his eyebrows, smile, and eyelashes...(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)When you’re in your (********************)s, but you’re still a punk deep down: (*********)(*****)(****)
(********)This hairdresser nailed it, especially the eyebrows.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“The day I learned about the difference between barbers and ’beauty’ salons...”(*********)(*****)(****)

(********)— You know, I love coconuts...(*********) (********)— Say no more!(*********)
(********)Any ideas what this guy likes?(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“I asked the barber for a razor part. Here’s what I got.”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“The worst case of extensions I‘ve ever seen”(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)“He claims he went to the barber and asked him to ’do whatever he wanted’ to his hair.”(*********)(*****)(****)Have you ever had an awful haircut? Will you share your picture with us?(*****)(****)
Preview photo credit carli_snyder / Reddit (**********)(***********)
(*****) (************)

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