20 Doctors That Are So Hot, They’ll Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

According to the American University of Antigua there are 7 important qualities that every doctor should have. They are compassion, a strong work ethic, professionalism, knowledge, confidence, humility, and passion—this is an impressive list! Though, it seems that attractiveness has been forgotten. As studies show, attractive people are believed to be more persuasive and give more credible advice.

Bright Side has found 20 doctors who you will be eager to go through your whole health history with.

1. Does he cure diseases by touch?

2. We wish we could be the puppies he cures.

3. “When I was a child, my favorite super hero was a doctor: my father. Now, I’m proud to wear the same costume.”

4. “Doctor, do not look at me like that, or I’m going to faint.”

5. We’re guessing he has to carry a lot of patients...

6. “I take it that there is nothing serious going on with me.”

7. “If I had a doctor like that I would love to go to the hospital.”

8. “We sacrifice our best years in hopes to serve others.”

9. All we wish you in the upcoming year is health.

10. “I can’t breathe, please check my lungs.”

11. “If I woke up to a nurse with arms like that, I would pass right back out.”

12. “If I ever decide to change my nose shape, I will have to go to Italy.”

13. “I have now put myself in a position to save lives.”

14. We would stand in line for a whole day to see this doctor...

15. Doctor, is this love we are feeling?

16. Are there any pills that will cure us?

17. Hey, Siri. How do I start dating a doctor?

18. Have you figured out what our anxiety is about?

19. “The look you give your patients when they say they don’t take any meds at home.”

20. How can we be happy without a doctor like this beside us?

Would you like to check your health issues with these doctors? If you want to suggest your own candidate, leave a comment below!

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