20 Astonishing Inventions We Wish We Had at Home



(****)Life can be hard at times and sometimes we just wish there were superheroes to help us get through it. Thankfully, science helps us create marvels to make our lives easier, more productive, and more enjoyable. So now, whether you need help getting out of bed, or want something to make your bed cozier, there’s a genius invention out there to help make your dreams come true.(*****)(****)(******)Bright(*******) (******)Side(*******) has done the research, so you don’t have to, and found some nifty inventions that you really will want in your home, one way or another.(*****)(****)
(********)1. Don’t just sit there, get a massage while you’re at it.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)2. Typing doesn’t need to be a dull chore anymore with this sleek transparent keyboard.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)3. These nifty herb scissors help you get more done, faster.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)4. Bring the rainforest experience home with this ThermoStatic Shower Column.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)5. Block out the noise and let your baby listen to the sounds you choose with BellyBuds.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)6. Sleep through your differences with the Dual Control Climate Comfort System.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)7. It’s okay to play with your food when it’s with a useful tool like this carrot peeler and sharpener.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)8. Open packages with Nimble, the one finger cutting tool.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)9. Prevent accidental cuts while chopping with this pair of anti-cut gloves.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(******************************). Charge any phone with the shape-shifting Onix cable.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(*****************************). Is it a floor? Is it a pool? It can be whichever you choose with Hydrofloors — pools with movable floors.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(****************************). The world’s first Smart Mirror analyzes your skin and helps you track progress and understand which products work for you.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(***************************). Travel anywhere without losing sleep with this light and flexible travel pillow.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(**************************). See what’s in your fridge from your smartphone and never forget missing items or end up buying what you already have with the FridgeCam.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(*************************). This MagniSmartech mattress helps you stop snoring, monitors your heart rate, and detects the optimal temperature.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(************************). Turn on the lights and create a magical world of your own with Philips Hue light strips.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(***********************). Safely locate your toilet in the dark without turning on the light and disturbing your night vision.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(**********************). Carry your own portable smart garden everywhere — even if you have no prior gardening experience.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(*********************). Read anytime without disturbing your partner with these inbuilt Night BookLight glasses.(*********)(*****)(****)
(********)(********************). Make things easier in the kitchen with Twist — the dual whisk.(*********)(*****)(****)All of these gadgets are just so cool and we can’t wait to get our hands on them. Which of these caught your eye and which will you be saving up for? Comment and let us know.(*****)(****)
Preview photo credit Graff-faucets.com (**********)(***********)
(*****) (************)

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