20+ Animals Who Are Having a Rough Day

Whenever you start complaining about having a tough day, just remember that animals can have difficult days too. They might get stuck in furniture, get snowed under a pile of socks, or simply feel a little under the weather

We at Bright Side love animals tremendously and have collected a set of funny photos for you that will show you some clumsy and awkward animals that we couldn’t help falling in love with. Our bonus at the end of the article will show you what they sometimes look like after having a rough day.

1. “You should consider changing my hairdresser.”

2. “I told you it was cold outside.”

3. “I don’t want to go to the dentist. May I stay here, please?”

4. Jean-Claude Van Raccoon

5. “No, we don’t look alike. I am a cat after all.”

6. “Can someone please take this nasty grass off my fascinating horns.”

7. When your big little brother needs some cuddles:

8. “Am I gonna be her Barbie doll again?”

9. “Are you going to just watch him squash my dignity?”

10. “I have a pounding headache.”

11. Can’t seem to find that matching sock...

12. “Honey, how many more times do I have to ask you to use a cushion and not me?”

13. “Please let me in. I am not as brave a hunter as I used to think.”

14. Morning hugs!

15. Just a bulldog enjoying an evening commute.

16. “Why is my door so tiny?”

17. “What now, hooman?”

18. “Let’s play hide-and-seek.”

19. “You didn’t polish the dust on the top shelf, hooman. I told you I’d check.”

20. “Is there anybody around?”

21. “When will you little humans start making bigger furniture?”

22. “Can I have a little piece, please?”

23. “Are you kidding me?”

Bonus: Take a look at these furry friends after a rough day

What was the toughest day for your pet? Please share their photos with us in the comments!

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