20 Adorable Dogs We Fell in Love With Once and Forever

Scientists believe that owning a dog can be very beneficial for you. They bring so much joy and laughter to both kids and adults. And all dogs are just so cute and funny that once you’ve got a dog, you will surely never have a dull day.

We at Bright Side love looking at dog’s photos and prepared this selection to share with you.

1. No, it’s not a mask, it’s totally natural.

2. Nature gave me a super-power. I’m sure that I can fly.

3. Yep, it’s still me and it’s still not a mask.

4. Mooooom, he’s doing it again.

5. Paw patrol is on duty today.

6. Did you just say “Who is a good boy”?

7. 13 babies... Proud dad, exhausted mom.

8. You can’t possibly say “No” to these eyes.

9. Safety first

10. That’s what a happy face looks like.

11. When your pet gets a pet:

12. Nice to meet you, partner.

13. Love is...

14. Why does this always happen the day after a bath?

15. Highest level of cuteness

16. My dad had been saying “No” to a puppy for 4 years...

17. Hiding from mom.

18. Everybody, roll over and play dead!

19. Hey, what are you doing?

20. Nature surely has a great sense of humor.

Do you have any photos that would fit this collection? Add them to the comments and share this article with your friends and family, because it’s always the right time for some cuteness.

Preview photo credit puppytoday / instagram, puppytoday / instagram

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