19 Celebrities Who Look So Young and Fresh Without Makeup, We Want to See More Photos Like These



(*****)Photo editors, filters, and bright makeup are all important attributes of every celebrity photo in social media; while selfies at home without any makeup are a luxury only the bravest celebrities can afford.(******)(*****)We at (*******)Bright Side (********)have discovered how many brave celebrities are there in show business today and are ready to share the results of our Instagram search with you. These (**********************) beauties weren’t scared to show their natural beauty and as a result, got thousands of likes and compliments from their followers.(******)(*****)
(*********)Eva Longoria(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Lena Headey(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Bianca Balti(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Natalie Portman(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Mischa Barton(**********)(******)(*****)

(*********)Eva Green(**********)
(*********)Zoë Kravitz(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Miley Cyrus(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Margot Robbie(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Bar Refaeli(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Ellie Goulding(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Kelly Osbourne(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Victoria Beckham(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Taylor Swift(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Katy Perry(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Gwen Stefani(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Halle Berry(**********)(******)(*****)
(*********)Pink(**********)(******)(*****)Do you find these celebrities more attractive with or without makeup? We’d be happy to hear from you in the comments!(******)(*****)
Preview photo credit Instagram / iamlenaheadey, Instagram / evalongoria (***********)(************)
(******) (*************)


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