17 Things That Are Only Possible in the USA

Enormous food portions, yellow school buses, cheerleaders, and Halloween... what else comes to your mind when you hear the word “America?” Today, people from the rest of the world seem to know almost everything about US culture. But there are still lots of little things that can make foreigners scratch their heads with astonishment. And sometimes even US citizens themselves are surprised at all the amazing things their country has to offer that they take for granted each day.

Bright Side put together 17 of the most unexpected things that you can find only in America and nowhere else.

17. You can spray cheese on your pizza right from a can.

16. US dollar bills are like twins that are darn hard to tell apart.

15. There’s tons of ice in all the drinks.

14. US citizens love their country so much that they place their flags everywhere.

13. At parties, people always drink from red Solo cups.

12. Chatting up strangers is not considered weird.

11. Americans walk around almost everywhere with large to-go coffee cups.

10. It’s absolutely normal to throw peanut shells on the floor in restaurants.

9. Americans are obsessed with white teeth and spend a lot of money to create the perfect smile.

8. You can drive through literally anything, including banks, pharmacies, and even wedding chapels.

7. Americans put their food waste right in the kitchen sink because they have garbage disposals.

6. American toilet bowls hold so much water that every time you use them you think it’s going to flood.

5. There are special rooms for doing laundry in every house.

4. Hanging out in the parking lot, drinking beer, and grilling meat next to your car is actually considered a party that’s called tailgating.

3. American white bread is as sweet as a cake.

2. Over-attentive restaurant servers ask how your meal is going every 5 minutes.

1. Deep-fried butter, doughnut burgers, peanut butter and jelly soda, koolickles, chicken and waffles chips — here you can find all kinds of flavors and food combos.

Can you name some more typical American things? Let’s continue the list together in the comments!

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