15 Game-Changing Hair Tips That Can Simplify Your Life

Beautiful, healthy hair is something people work really hard to maintain, but they don’t have too. There are a lot of game-changing hair care hacks that can make your morning routine so much easier. In fact, simply getting to know your hair can also make life a lot easier. Exposing your locks to warm weather, for example, will help stimulate growth.

Bright Side has collected a list of game-changing hair tips you’ll wish you tried sooner!

1. Use lemon juice and sunlight to get natural highlights.

Do you want to lighten your hair, but don’t want to put another dent in your wallet? When life gives you lemons, color your hair. Pour some lemon juice into a dish and dip a toothbrush in the juice. Use this toothbrush to gently comb your hair and then go out in the sun for about 45 minutes. Do this once every 2 weeks and it will naturally lighten your hair.

2. Dryer sheets can remove static from hair

It’s time to really get your money’s worth from those dryer sheets. Brush or smooth the sheet over your entire head of hair using one sheet, from roots to ends. This helps get rid of static in your hair. You can even get a similar effect from rubbing dryer sheets on your brushes and combs before using them or you can stick a dryer sheet directly on your brush.

3. Toothbrushes can tame those pesky baby hairs and cowlicks.

A big, honking cowlick pretty much defines a bad hair day. We have the solution: spray a toothbrush with strong-hold hairspray and use it to flatten baby hairs and cowlicks. This will help press them down with the rest of your hair.

4. Sleep on a silk pillow.

Treating yourself while you sleep can also help your hair! If you sleep on a silk pillow, you can prevent hair breakage and damage that can happen in the middle of the night, especially if you move while you sleep. Honestly, why wouldn’t you want to sleep on a nice, silk pillow?

5. Give your bobby pins some support.

Do your bobby pins come out on a regular basis? Well, your hair’s support system needs some support of its own too! Just spray them with hairspray or dry shampoo in order to help them stick! This works especially well with thin, fine hair.

6. Misting spray-bottles can give you a quick fix.

You wake up running late only to realize you woke up with bed-head. You don’t have time to wash your hair or go to the salon. What do you do? A quick spritz from a misting spray-bottle can fix your hair in a pinch. Sometimes, it’s okay to have a lazy day.

7. Dry your hair with a t-shirt.

You might think it’s normal to dry your hair with a towel...probably the same towel you used to dry the rest of your body after a wash. Girl, please. When you dry your hair with a regular bath towel, the texture of the towel and the friction of rubbing your hair with it can cause frizz and breakage. Using a cotton t-shirt, and squeezing your hair instead of rubbing it, will absorb the water without causing friction. Similarly, you can blow-dry on cool, not hot, to avoid frizz even more.

8. Leave in dry shampoo while you sleep.

If you don’t have time to take a shower, you can plan ahead to fix your hair in the morning. Put dry shampoo in your hair before you go to bed. Working itself into your strands overnight, your hair will have increased volume when you wake up. If only all of life’s problems could be solved as you sleep!

9. Use spin pins instead of bobby pins for buns.

One simple substitution can make hair care all the easier, if you regularly use bobby pins. Spin pins can actually do the work of multiple bobby pins while holding in your bun. Just spin 2 of the pins into the front and the back of your bun! It’s so easy you don’t even need a hair band.

10. Braid wet hair to get curls in the morning.

You can get curls without having to use curlers or even a hair dryer. After washing your hair at night, all you need to do is braid your hair and go to sleep. Depending on your hair or the desired style, either tie your hair into multiple braids or one French braid. In the morning, undo your braids, spray your hair with texturizing spray, and scrunch your hair to get bouncy waves.

11. Wear a shower cap to lock in moisture.

Some people like to put conditioner in while they are taking a shower. Instead, apply it before you get in and even wear a shower cap to protect it. The steam from the shower will help lock in that precious moisture.

12. Invest in co-washing.

Before you ask, this does not mean washing your hair with a friend. It means washing your hair with only conditioner, not shampoo. Reducing chemical overdose on your hair, co-washing can give your hair a natural fullness and body. It can also prevent drying out your hair.

13. Experiment with shampoo alternatives.

Shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils. There are alternatives that you can use to clean your hair on occasion to save these precious oils. You can clean your hair with things like baking soda or vinegar. It can really come in handy on those days you forgot to buy shampoo for the house. This method also spares your hair the occasional harmful chemicals that are present in shampoo.

14. Don’t wash your hair too much.

Cleaning your hair is important, but you never want to overdo things. Wash it once or twice a week, and try mixing up your routine with traditional haircare methods and dry shampoo cleanings. It can keep your hair in good shape. Besides, this is basically just advice telling you to do nothing, this is the easiest (and cheapest) part of this list.

15. Coconut oil can eliminate gray hair.

Gray hair, whether it’s from age or stress, can make a person look dignified. But not everyone wants to try that look, especially if they go gray at a young age. One natural remedy that can decelerate premature graying is massaging your scalp with pure coconut oil every night, with next-day cleansing. Through the power of lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids, you can reverse graying. Adding lemon juice can also add helpful vitamins to your hair.

Bonus: Things around your kitchen can also help your hair!

Castor oil is high in the amino acid called ricinoleic acid, which penetrates the scalp, helping to stimulate growth, preventing hair loss, and even reducing dandruff. There are different ways of applying castor oil to your hair. One way is to make a mask using eggs and honey mixed with the oil.

Guava leaves, which are rich in vitamin B, make them good for reversing hair loss and promoting growth. Just boil them in water to make a tonic that, when cooled off, can be used to massage your scalp.

What did you think of these tips? Will you try them? Do you already use them? Share your own hair tips with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit lavenskincare / Instagram, Depositphotos.com

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